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Speaking at 2020 Virtual OTEC

2020 Virtual OTEC will be a little different but, you can still showcase your expertise while gaining exposure from peers; over half of the U.S. states are represented. With close to 4,000 attendees you are able to share successful technology implementation in transportation. 

The Ohio Transportation Engineering Conference addresses the latest policy and technical information, as well as covers new ideas in transportation planning, design and construction.

Speakers will need to use the following information for their presentations:

Go To Webinar Presentation Instructions for OTEC Speakers

Presenters will share their presentations (in any format) from their PC. OTEC will host a dry-run prior to your presentation to make sure speakers will have an understanding on how to present at their sessions.

Go To Webinar Video Instructions for OTEC Speakers

The following is provided as guidance for presenters who will be including videos during their webinars. Presenters are asked to review the information below.

General guidelines:

  • Videos can take two formats:
    • YouTube Link
    • Video file saved as a “.mp4” format, at least 720p resolution and no larger than 4GB
  • The software allows 5 videos maximum (counting both links and files)
  • Videos must be provided far enough in advance for the staffer to add them into the Go To Webinar software before the webinar begins (typically two business days prior to the webinar event)

Running videos during a webinar:

  • As the presenter
    • You will be responsible for running the video at the time you need it during the webinar
    • During the dry-run, you will practice opening the video up in the “Sharing” section of the Go To Webinar panel and running it
    • When a video is started in Go To Webinar, the presenter is automatically muted.  You will have to unmute yourself after the video concludes.

Do not:

  • Embed videos into your PowerPoint presentation.  Go To Webinar will show the video when you play it, but:
    • The audio will not be transmitted to the participants
    • The video file will display in a very ‘choppy’ manner which is very poor quality

Registration fee for OTEC Speakers is FREE with the Discount Code that will be provided.