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Session 9 - Public Involvement

Session: 9

Session Title:  Using Technology for Public Involvement

Organizer:  Ryan Winston

Moderator:  Ryan Winston

Topic A Title:  Using Modern Technology and Innovative Methods to Engage the Public

Speaker (s):  Jacqueline Annarino

Name, Company, Location:  ODOT, Office of Environmental Services

Topic A Description:  In this session, a diverse group of partners will present their ideas for using innovative approaches to engage the public, such as virtual reality, social media, videos and graphics, online surveys, telephone town halls, civic dinners, pop-up meetings, visualization techniques, incorporating art in transportation, etc.


Topic B Title:  Practical Virtual Reality:  Developing a Costum VR Driving Simulator for Public Engagement

Speaker (s):  Andrew Valente

Name, Company, Location:

Topic B Description:  Seeking to develop new and useful applications for virtual reality in conjunction with public education and engagement, TranSystems has designed and created an interactive driving simulator using commercially available hardware and software. The simulator uses a virtual reality head mounted display and realistic controls to create the illusion of driving a vehicle through proposed infrastructure designs, allowing DOTs and stakeholders to experience and interact with roadways, interchanges, and bridges, reviewing a design’s operation and aesthetics from the driver’s seat. This presentation will cover the tools, processes and lessons learned in bringing this technology to life.


Topic C Title:  Seeing is Believing:  Using ODOT’s Drone Footage to Gain the Public’s Trust

Speaker (s):  Anthony Pankala, Daniel Kammer

Name, Company, Location:  ODOT, District 8

Topic C Description: Even though roundabouts are a FHWA proven safety countermeasure, significantly decreasing serious and fatal crash, the general public vehemently opposes their construction. When a transportation agency proposes to build one the public focuses on the same concerns. When District 8 had a recent public involvement meeting for a roundabout, the authors set out to film a roundabout. Video drone footage and 3D models were utilized in the public involvement meeting with great success. Future controversial projects can better prepare for public involvement meetings that result in more constructive discussions and engagements.