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Session 8 - Training Future Transportation Professionals

Session: 8

Session Title:  Training Future Transportation Professionals

Organizer:  Ruth Klee

Moderator:  Ruth Klee

Topic A Title:  Communities of Practice – Training Young Professionals for the Future

Speaker (s):  Cory Lamb

Name, Company, Location:  Cory Lamb, CHA Consulting, Columbus, OH

Topic A Description:  This presentation will share the Communities of Practice (CoP) program as part of CHA’s Technical Excellence program. The CoP program provides a venue contributing to our "best in the industry" goal through sharing the knowledge and experience of the most qualified and tenured staff. CoPs provide technical learning opportunities for staff to fuel their interest, knowledge, and passion in their careers.


Topic B Title:  STEM-Reaching into the Community to Build the Engineers of Tomorrow

Speaker (s):  Meghan Altier

Name, Company, Location:  Meghan Altier, ODOT, Columbus, OH

Topic B Description:  ODOT District 6 has created a process to connect with schools and organizations to expand their footprint in the community and volunteer for functions to promote Science Technology Engineering and Math (STEM).  These events help create awareness of ODOT as a career path and promote the technology field.  The presentation will feature an interactive plan reading/bridge building session for grade school children that can be taken and used in your organization.


Topic C Title:  Enhancing Transportation Through Diverse Perspectives

Speaker (s):  Panel Discussion – Lloyd MacAdam, Emille Williams, Jennifer Gallagher

Name, Company, Location:  Lloyd MacAdam, ODOT, Columbus, OH; Emille Williams, COTA Deputy CEO, Columbus, OH; Jennifer Gallagher, City of Columbus Director of Public Service, Columbus, OH; Sarah Lee, HNTB, Columbus, OH (panel discussion moderator)

Topic C Description:  The transportation industry is currently going through a generational shift due to advancement in technology and expansion of mobility options.  This shift is being driven by transportation professionals who have realized that inclusion of individuals with diverse backgrounds provides a broader perspective creating increased benefits to a larger population of transportation users. The following themes will be discussed: Creating stronger teams within your organization; Broadening perspective to create the best result; Partnering with diverse teams; and Impact of COVID-19 on partnering with firms.