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Session 7 - 3D From Design to Construction

Session: 7

Session Title: 3D From Design to Construction

Organizer: Rachel Lewis


Topic A Title: Digital Delivery: The Coming Transition to Model Based Plan Development

Speaker (s): Jennifer Steen

Name, Company, Location: WSP, 2000 Lenox Dr. 3rd Floor

Topic A Description: Discussion of current highway and bridge workflows. Identifying efficiencies in design, either through new software, hardware, or through better open data exchange. Also includes exploration of how 3D models can have a positive impact on the schedule and budget of projects and answer questions regarding the spectrum shift to model-based designs.


Topic B Title: Getting Ready for Digital Twins

Speaker (s): John Drsek, P.E.

Name, Company, Location: ODOT, 1980 W. Broad St

Topic B Description: Come see what steps have been and are being taking to get ODOT ready for Digital Twins. See some examples of how BIM data might be injected into the model and help streamline/automate workflows as well as ways ODOT can take 3D from design to construction. It will provide insight for both the design side and construction side on ODOT’s future vision of 3D models.



Topic C Title: Geospatial Technologies, “Road 3D from Design to Construction”: The New Hybrid Approach

Speaker (s): Qassim Abdullah

Name, Company, Location: Woolpert, 2900 S Quincy St, Ste 430, Arlington VA 22206

Topic C Description: Lidar is mainstream technology when it comes to roadway engineering, asset management and mapping. Geospatial data acquisition technologies in general are becoming the corner stone for the “Road 3D From Design to Construction” concept. However, each of these activities require different lidar data specifications and therefore different lidar system capabilities. The presentation introduces a new hybrid approach to roadways engineering by fusing data from MMS, UAS, and aerial lidar to serve project life cycle from design to construction.  Knowing when to hire certain lidar technology is a challenge for many surveyors and engineers within the transportation community. The presentation will also provide practical projects scenarios where Mobile, UAS-based points cloud, or aerial lidar technologies used individually and together to meet project needs and requirements.