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Session 5 - Differing Shades of Construction Projects

Session: 5

Session Title: Differing Shades of Construction Projects

Organizer: Gary Angles

Moderator: Gary Angles

Topic A Title: "Road Closed" Major Slip Morgan County

Speaker (s): Steve Williams, Cary Betzing

Name, Company, Location: Shelly & Sands, Inc. and ODOT D10

Topic A Description:  "The presentation will detail a major slip in Morgan County SR 376 which cut off access of McConnelsville to Morgan High School and Morgan Jr High School. The presentation will be jointly presented by ODOT D10 and Shelly & Sands. Details will include the design and innovative construction practices to open project ahead of schedule.  

This 7.6 million dollar ER project is one of the largest in D10 History.

The presenters will demonstrate the difficulty of this project of the impacts of the Muskingum River and waste areas and the use of partnering efforts to mitigate the issues."


Topic B Title: A New Path to Take Flight: Cincinnati Airport's Terminal Drive Reconstruction

Speaker (s): Tom Less

Name, Company, Location: Woolpert, Columbus

Topic B Description: Overview of the structural design, fabrication, and construction for the Cincinnati (CVG) Airport Terminal Dr redesign; while maintaining full traffic.  Includes MSE walls, 2-span steel beam unit, 8-span highly curved (200-ft radius) steel plate girder unit, and 4-span prestressed I-beam unit; on partial hammerhead or single-span cap-and-column piers on large diameter shafts. The project included design innovations such as use of thermal sensors/heat of hydration for deck strength prediction and accelerated construction; monitoring on cell phone in real time; comparison of V-Loads, 2D+/Grillage, and full 3D FEM methods of analysis; constructability analysis and staged construction design including temporary supports; blast load provisions for terrorism/force protection of piers; site specific corrosion analyses for galvanized coatings, and more.


Topic C Title: Recent uses (and ODOT twists) on Alternate Technical Concepts (ATC)

Speaker (s): Adam Johnson, Eric Kahlig

Name, Company, Location: FHWA, Columbus, ODOT, Columbus

Topic C Description: ODOT has accepted Alternative Technical Concepts on Design Build projects for several years.  The concept allows proposers (Design-Build Teams) to submit for approval deviations from the scope in the Request For Proposal (RFP) that meet the intent of the proposed project as long as it can be demonstrated that the ATC provides for an equal or better product.  The proposer may then incorporate the approved ATC in their bid and price proposal.  This presentation will walk through the ATC process that ODOT uses, present the methodology used by the Department to accept or reject ATCs and provide examples of successful ATCs on ODOT Projects.  Recently, ODOT has added a newer twist on the ATC process addressing multiple risks and the differing design/construction solutions developed by proposers centering around one major design deviation.