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Session 28 - Professional Ethics & Relevant Rules for Engineers and Surveyors

Session: 28

Session Title:  Professional Ethics & Relevant Rules for Engineers and Surveyors

Organizer/ Moderator: Thomas Pannett

Session Description:  This two-hour session will meet the requirements of Section 4733.15 (C)(2) of the ORC providing the professional engineer or surveyor the request continued professional development on professionalism, ethics, and the rules surrounding these requirements as enumerated by OAC Chapter 4733-35.

Topic A Title:  Ethical Advantages to Trust Based Partnering

Speaker (s): Thomas Pannett

Name, Company, Location: ODOT Central Office

Topic A Description:  Trust is the basis for any successful relationship.  Trust based relationships improve and reinforce ethical behavior between the parties.  When partnering on a construction projects, a high level of trust can lead to enhanced success. The fiduciary relationship created has a duty to the partnership, client, and public; especially on a public-works project. The audience will have a chance to provide their feedback regarding trust and ethics in partnering relationships and to see some of their industry’s thoughts on the issue.

Topic B Title:  Ethical Issues in Cyberspace

Speaker (s): Allen Rutz & Gretchen Rutz

Name, Company, Location: Vorys, Sater, Seymour and Pease, LLP, Columbus

Topic B Description:  Smart mobility is only possible through the use of technologies that transmit incredible amounts of data at incredible speeds.  One of the smart mobility strategies that needs to be in the toolbox of every engineering company is an ethical and effective approach to data privacy and cybersecurity.  This presentation addresses the engineer’s ethical duty to design systems and processes that protect sensitive data in light of privacy laws around the world and the unprecedented possibilities of the internet of things.

Topic C Title:  Ethical Practices in Engineering and Surveying

Speaker (s): Mike Pniewski

Name, Company, Location: Lucas County Engineer

Topic C Description:  The presentation will provide an overview of the following topics:  Why the study of ethics is necessary in everyday practice, the use of Problem Solving Processes to Evaluate Ethical Problems in Engineering, Coverage of Conflict of Interests, a discussion of ethics of surveyors in working and dealing with public, and some case studies involving Ethical Situations in Engineering Practice.