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Session 24 - Pavement & Materials

Session: 24

Session Title:  PCC Joint Deterioration – Addressing the Issue

Organizer:  Mark Pardi & Patrick Jacomet

Moderator:  Craig Landefeld


Topic A Title:  A petrographers Perspective

Speaker (s):  Dr. David Lankard

Name, Company, Location:  Lankard Materials Laboratory, Inc – Columbus OH

Topic A Description:  Dr. Lankard will discuss his thought on Concrete joint deterioration based on his 55 years of experience in the Concrete industry


Topic B Title: Premature Joint Deterioration in Concrete Pavements and Methods to Prevent It

Speaker (s):  Dr. Jason Weiss

Name, Company, Location:  Oregon State University – Corvallis, Oregon

Topic B Description: Dr. Weiss will discuss the latest information on how concrete mixture designs and topical treatments can be used to reduce the potential for premature concrete degradation.


Topic C Title: How MnDOT addresses Joint Deterioration in their concrete paving program

Speaker (s):  Maria Masten

Name, Company, Location:  MN DOT

Topic C Description: Maria Masten will discuss MnDOT’s approach to specifications for construction of long-life concrete pavements using w/c ratio specifications, including Seal and No-Seal options.