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Session 20 - Structures

Session: 20

Session Title: Bridge Toolbox Talks

Organizer: Gary Gardner            

Moderator: Gary Gardner


Topic A Title: Benefits of Reality Modeling Using a Drone

Speaker (s): Daniel Reinke

Name, Company, Location: Gannett Fleming, Columbus, OH

Topic A Description: Leveraging the use of drone-captured photography to build accurate 3D structural models that can be used for structure assessment, plan production, and quantity calculations.


Topic B Title: Skewed Steel Bridges Simplified

Speaker (s): Brandon Chavel

Name, Company, Location: National Steel Bridge Alliance, Cleveland, OH

Topic B Description: Presentation of resources available to designers to simplify the analysis, detailing, and decision-making process for skewed bridges.


Topic C Title: Cowboy Engineering – Load Rating the Impossible

Speaker (s): Joe Kelley

Name, Company, Location: Burgess & Niple, Columbus, OH

Topic C Description: Lessons learned and analysis techniques for rating “one of a kind bridges” including damaged bridges, retrofitted rail cars, and other “non-engineered” bridges