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Session 18 - Safety

Session: 18

Session Title: Time to Deliver: Rethinking How Ohio Develops Safety Projects

Organizer: Derek Troyer, Ohio DOT, Columbus, Ohio

Moderator: Derek Troyer, Ohio DOT, Columbus, Ohio


Topic A Title: Virtual Workshops for Better Results

Speaker (s): Michelle May

Name, Company, Location: ODOT Highway Safety Program Manager

Speaker (s): Scott Knebel

Name, Company, Location: Crawford, Murphy & Tilly, Vice President

Topic A Description: May will provide an overview of the importance of the Governor’s Intersection Safety Program.  Knebel will describe the process ODOT used to collaborate with 150 people across 12 districts – all involved in delivering the Governor’s Intersection Safety Program faster. It’s an approach with pieces and parts that can be used to improve all project delivery.


Topic B Title: Thinking Strategically About Project Design

Speaker (s): Brent Bogard

Name, Company, Location: ODOT, Office of Roadway Engineering Administrator

Topic B Description: Bogard will share examples of how practical design principles can be used to make targeted safety improvements and reduce project risk to schedule and budget. 


Topic C Title: Rethinking the PDP

Speaker (s): Chad Root

Name, Company, Location: ODOT District 4, Capital Programs Administrator

Topic C Description: District 4 is cutting the project delivery process by rethinking the order and timeframe of steps in the PDP.  Root will share a couple techniques, including how the district is leveraging task order contracts to complete investigation work earlier in the design process. 


Topic D Title:  Utilities Are Your Friend!

Speaker (s): Daniel Depto

Name, Company, Location: ODOT District 4, Consultant Manager

Topic D Description: He will share tools and techniques to engage these partners and help manage the risks of an aggressive schedule.


Topic E Title: ROW Doesn’t (Always) Have to be This Hard.

Speaker (s): Drew Gilmore

Name, Company, Location: ODOT Office of Real Estate, Administrator

Topic E Description: Gilmore will share a few approaches that can be used to compress timeframes and smooth project delivery.