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Session 16 - Technology & Innovations

Session: 16

Session Title: Smart Logistics: Moving Goods into the Future

Organizer: Cynthia Jones

Moderator: Andrew Bremer


Topic A Title: Smart Logistics across the Country

Speaker (s): David Perlman

Name, Company, Location: USDOT Volpe Center, Cambridge, MA

Topic A Description: Overview of USDOT activities including strategy, funding programs, their own research, and industry collaboration.


Topic B Title: Smart Logistics across Ohio

Speaker (s): Rich Granger

Name, Company, Location: DriveOhio, Columbus, OH

Topic B Description: Overview of Ohio activities supporting smart logistics, workforce and truck automation.


Topic C Title: Smart Logistics Regional Spotlight: Voltage Valley

Speaker (s): Sara Daugherty

Name, Company, Location: BRITE Energy Innovators, Warren, OH

Topic C Description: Overview of Northeast Ohio logistics hub, BUILD grant and collaborative investments.


Topic D Title: Smart Logistics Technology Spotlight: Locomation

Speaker (s): Çetin Meriçli

Name, Company, Location: Locomation, Pittsburgh, PA

Topic D Description: Overview of technology, projects and partnerships.


Topic E Title: Smart Logistics Corridor Spotlight: I-70 Truck Automation Corridor

Speaker (s): Pamela Fisher

Name, Company, Location: Pamela Fisher, Indiana DOT,

Topic E Description: Project and partnership for new ATCMTD awarded project.