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Session 13 - Modal Options

Session: 13

Session Title: Designing Safer and Better Bike/Ped Facilities

Organizer/Moderator: Dr. Mark McCord


Topic A Title: ODOT’s Safety Based Multi Modal Design Guide

Speaker (s): Brent Bogard

Name, Company, Location: ODOT – Roadway Engineering

Topic A Description: In the continuing effort to improve safety for all road users, the ODOT Office of Roadway Engineering is developing a comprehensive Multimodal Design Guide (MDG). This presentation will discuss how the forthcoming MDG will enhance bicycle and pedestrian project development by enabling ODOT engineers, consultants, and others to reference bicycle, pedestrian, and micro-mobility design guidance in one place from project scoping through design. The MDG is intended to serve as the primary roadway and trail design resource for ODOT bicycle and pedestrian projects. Additionally, the MDG will inform bicycle and pedestrian related content in the Location & Design Manual.


Topic B Title: Implementing Ohio's State & US Bike Route System Design

Speaker (s): Tommy Arnold

Name, Company, Location: ODOT – District 8

Topic B Description: This presentation will share recent examples of projects developed in the Cincinnati and Dayton areas to improve safety for people biking along Ohio’s State and US Bike Route system. It will highlight how ODOT District 8 is navigating project development, funding, and coordination with local jurisdictions to improve bicycle accommodations within Ohio.


Topic C Title: ODOT Pedestrian Safety Improvement Program (PSIP): What have we done and where we are going?T

Speaker (s): Andy Shahan

Name, Company, Location: LJB Inc., 2500 Newmark Drive, Miamisburg, OH 45342

Topic C Description: Fatal pedestrian crashes have increased 60% over the last decade, with 135 fatalities occurring in 2018. More than 80% of pedestrian fatal crashes occurred in urban settings along city-maintained roadways designated with arterial and collector functional classifications. The Pedestrian Safety Improvement Program (PSIP) provides $10M in funding to eligible high-risk jurisdictions and assistance to implement proven low-to-medium cost pedestrian safety countermeasures along high-risk facilities. This presentation will discuss eligible countermeasures and lessons learned during both the program and project development phases, as well as the vision for future phases of the PSIP program.


Topic D Title: Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety at Interchanges, Alternative Intersections, & Roundabouts

Speaker (s): Mariel Colman

Name, Company, Location: Toole Design Group, 149 North High Street, Columbus, OH 43215

Topic D Description: Interchanges, alternative intersections, and roundabouts can become barriers to pedestrian and bicyclist access if they are not designed with all transportation users in mind. Many of these facilities are situated at locations with higher speeds and volumes of motor vehicle traffic, both of which increase the likelihood of serious or fatal crashes. Visually impaired pedestrians, who require information about the alignment of crosswalks, signal controls, crossing times, direction of traffic, and the intended paths through islands, are of particular concern. This presentation will discuss the latest research and recommendations for ensuring the safety of bicyclists and pedestrians at interchanges, alternative intersections, and roundabouts.