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Session 10 - Planning for Pedestrians & Bicyclists

Session: 10

Session Title: Planning for Pedestrians & Bicyclists

Organizer/Moderator: Scott Phinney

Topic A Title: The Future of Walking and Biking in Ohio

Speaker (s): Jordan Whisler

Name, Company, Location: ODOT – Office of Statewide Planning & Research

Topic A Description: Walk.Bike.Ohio (WBO), ODOT's first statewide bicycle and pedestrian plan, is in the final stages of development. This presentation will cover the plan’s vision, goals, themes strategies and action items. The presentation will also touch on opportunities for stakeholder agencies to be involved in plan implementation.


Topic B Title: Ohio Action Institute 2020 – Part A: Statewide Perspective

Speaker (s): Sarah Ginnetti

Name, Company, Location: Ohio Department of Health

Topic B Description: How can you get active transportation planning started in your community? The presentation will discuss how four counties kick-started active transportation planning in their communities by participating in the Ohio Action Institute 2020. The Institute was funded by the Ohio Department of Health’s Creating Healthy Communities (CHC) program and was completed over spring and summer of 2020. All the counties left the process with an active transportation map that included proposed recommendations and action plans.


Topic C Title: Ohio Action Institute 2020 – Part B: Local Perspective

Speaker (s): Carrie McKee

Name, Company, Location: Licking County Health Department

Topic C Description:  This presentation continues the discussion of the Ohio Action Institute 2020. One of the four communities selected to participate, the City of Newark (Licking County), will discuss their team composition, the extensive collaboration effort that was required, the commitment of their team members to completing the plan and the implementation of identified projects. Additionally, the presentation will cover what’s next for active transportation planning for the Newark community.


Topic D Title: Developing Ohio's Strategic Bike Network

Speaker (s): Caitlin Harley

Name, Company, Location: ODOT – Office of Program Management

Topic D Description: The State and US Bike Route System is Ohio’s identified statewide active transportation network. This network connects 78 counties, the 17 largest population centers, and many key destinations along nearly 4,000 miles of on-road and off-road existing facilities. This presentation will provide an overview of the system, with a focus on its development, benefits, and existing conditions, along with future vision and goals.