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Proposed Presentation Topics

Proposed Presentation Topics

CADD Mapping & Survey

  • Innovative geospatial data collection methods and/or challenges.
  • Efficient and effective data management with ProjectWise.
  • Novel design approaches with OpenRoads Designer
  • Best practices and examples of OpenBridge Designer projects
  • 3D models, level of development, lessons learned
  • BIM for Infrastructure and success stories, impacts on project delivery
  • Project impacts from survey data, setting project control at the right time, importance of datums & coordinate systems, and impact to projects with future NGS (National Geodetic Survey) changes
  • How to address safety concerns for surveyors, even after setting up MOT, drivers are more distracted than ever and we have increasingly more close calls


  • Partnering/ Dispute Resolution
  • Alternative Project Delivery Methods
  • Significant/ Innovative Construction Projects
  • eConstruction/ New Technological Advancements


  • Climate change, sustainability, greenhouse gases 
  • Mitigation/restoration of aquatic resources – case studies, GIS forecasting of stream and wetland mitigation needs
  • Survey, assessment methods for state and federally listed species and their habitat
  • Cultural Resources – case studies and new initiatives
  • Current research topics – fish passage culverts, wildlife crossings, flow requirements through temporary access fills 
  • Changes in environmental policy & regulations and associated requirements and processes


  • Use cases (projects) utilizing AGaME technology
  • Ground improvement case studies with instrumentation results and outcomes compared to design predictions/requirements
  • Challenging geohazard remediation projects; discovery through construction
  • Challenging foundation design and construction 


  • Research and case studies related to culvert design, construction, or maintenance
  • Research and case studies related to post-construction BMPs
  • 2D modeling case studies
  • Incorporating BMPs into complete streets – case studies
  • Flood control related to roadways
  • Innovative maintenance solutions for culverts or post-construction BMPs
  • Local Transportation Agency implementation of NPDES permit requirements

Modal Options

  • Re-connecting Communities (major theme from the infrastructure bill)
  • Jurisdictional collaboration to get a project accomplished
  • Strategic maintenance solutions
  • Encouraging Active Transportation
  • Multimodal Data collection

Pavement & Materials

  • Pavement Recycling case studies
  • Intelligent pavement construction technologies
  • Cost effective methods to improve longitudinal joint performance in flexible pavement
  • Applications for Traffic Speed Deflectometers for project level decision making
  • Case studies of innovative pavement materials
  • Implementation of balanced mix design principles for asphalt mixtures


  • Equity in Transportation Planning
  • Resiliency Planning
  • Innovative Approaches to Transportation Funding
  • 2020 Census: Trends and Changing Demographics
  • Developing and Advancing Data Sharing Principles
  • Virtual Public Involvement Best Practices
  • Transportation Planning in Rural Areas: Challenges and Best Practices


  • Safe Systems – Examples, Case Studies, Etc.  
  • Equity in Transportation Safety 
  • Traffic Calming Best Practices and Insights 
  • Vulnerable Roadway User Safety 
  • Systemic Safety Projects  
  • Distracted Driving solutions 
  • Highway Safety Improvement Program Updates and Highlights 


  • Share insights into common bridge construction practices with designers (e.g. beam/girder erection, bridge decking and placement, temporary works, etc.)
  • Innovative repair, rehabilitation, maintenance and preservation strategies for bridges
  • Funding allocation for the new infrastructure bill
  • Application of research or new technology in bridge design

Technology & Innovation

  • Connected vehicle use cases and deployments 
  • Automated vehicle testing and deployments, supporting the movement of people and/or goods 
  • Electrification of vehicles and infrastructure 
  • Advanced air mobility use cases, testing and infrastructure 
  • Unmanned aircraft systems use cases and deployments  
  • Policy implications of emerging transportation technologies 

Traffic Management

  • TSMO
  • Integrating technology into traffic management solutions (eg. AI, ML, UTM)
  • Multi-jurisdictional partnership/collaboration for System Management/Operations
  • Active Transportation & Demand Management
  • Work zone traffic management
  • Integrated corridor management
  • Traffic signal operations
  • Curb management/parking