Why Speak at OTEC?

Showcase your expertise while gaining exposure  from peers; over half of the U.S. states are represented.

With close to 4,000 attendees you are able to share successful technology implementation in transportation. 

The Ohio Transportation Engineering Conference addresses the latest policy and technical information, as well as covers new ideas in transportation planning, design and construction. 

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Registration fee for OTEC Speakers is $100.00

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“Fueling Transportation Transformation”

Maintaining and advancing a modern transportation system requires strategic decision making based on real-time data and resources. With smart technology, innovative processes and better collaboration, Ohio is fueling the future of transportation transformation. 

Program Tracks

CADD Mapping & Survey – The integration of location based GIS assets and mapping for the design and improvement of construction plans.  The process allows for more informed and manageable decision making in both the design and future maintenance of our assets.

Construction – Engaged in the process of creating & building infrastructure which includes planning, designing and financing the overall planning and execution of a project.

Environmental – Utilization of an interdisciplinary approach to providing education, training, technical expertise and policy development to federal, state and local governments to achieve a safe, efficient and environmentally compliant intermodal transportation system using best practices and working toward consensus among transportation interests. Developing more compactly, and reusing existing properties can preserve and protect our natural resources. Coordinating land use and development decisions with transportation investments.

Finance & Career Development – Develops new and innovative approaches to managing, maintaining, operating, and building our infrastructure to reduce costs, enhance efficiency and generate revenue. Career Development is important to ensure the transportation engineers of tomorrow have the training and tools necessary to be able to improve and enhance the transportation system of tomorrow.

Geotechnical / Hydraulics – Geotechnical Engineering is the exploration and design of the foundation support for all transportation structures and roadways, and the characterization and remediation of geohazards that threaten our transportation assets, considering both traditional and innovative approaches. Hydraulics provides cost effective and environmentally sound solutions to surface and subsurface roadway drainage by using innovative methods and materials that maintains maintenance of a safe, accessible transportation system.

Modal Options – The efficient and effective movement of people and goods requires a balanced seamless transportation system that is efficient, flexible and environmental sustainable offering a variety of transportation modes, including highways, air, rail, water, trails, and pipeline.  

Pavement & Materials - Provides standards, policies, procedures and research that offers smooth, quiet, cost-effective pavements for the traveling public.

Planning - Process of defining future policies, goals, investments and designs to prepare for future needs to move people and goods. The process incorporates input from many stakeholders.  Asset Management & Performance Management are planning tools used by transportation agencies to understand future needs for projects and funding.

Safety - Improving highway safety is vital to health and well-being of the traveling public.

Structures -   Provides standards, policy, procedures, training, design resources, data and research to continually monitor and improve the quality of bridges.  Provides safe, cost-effective, durable and smooth riding bridges for the public.

Technology & Innovations – The climate in transportation has changed in recent years due to rapid technology development.  This has enabled transportation professionals to better plan, build and maintain an efficient transportation network.  Additionally, connected and autonomous vehicles have the potential to make the transportation network more efficient and safe.

Traffic Management – Facilitate the maintenance of a safe, efficient, accessible highway system that fosters economic growth and personal travel.  Transportation systems management and operations (TSM&O) programs and ITS programs are important tools used in traffic management

Abstract submission for OTEC 2019 is now Closed. 
Questions: Contact Lisa Hall at (614) 644-0273 or Lisa.Hall@dot.ohio.gov

Q: What are the dates for future conferences?
A: October 29 -30, 2019

Q: Can I pay with a credit card?
A: Yes. (Mastercard, Visa or AmEx).

Q: When will registration information be mailed?
A: July. You will also be able to access the information on the website at that time.

Q: I only want to attend one day of the conference. Is it half price?
A: No - The Registration Fee is for both days.

Q: Is the alumni breakfast open to any college alumni who is not attending the conference?
A: No. The breakfast is intended for Conference attendees only.

Q: If I am a student, what is the registration cost?
A: OTEC attendance is $35 with a valid student ID, but you must register to attend. 

Q: How many CPDs will be offered at OTEC?
A1: Maximum CPDs hours earned for this conference is TBD. It is recommended participants get their badges scanned at the end of each session to receive credit.

A2:  CPD hours for the Design/GIS/Mapping technical sessions will also qualify for Survey CPDs for those with PS licenses.

Q: When is early bird registration due?
A: Early bird registration must be paid in full by early bird deadline. Early bird registration runs from July 15th through September 13th.

Q: How do exhibitors get a booth assigned?
A: Booth spaces can be chosen during the online registration process. Booths must be paid in full at time of selection. Major credit cards are accepted and preferred.

Q: If I am a Gold or Silver sponsor, can I register early?
A: Yes. The specific dates for sponsor registration can be found on the
Sponsors page.
If you have further questions please contact Lisa Hall, OTEC Administrator, at lisa.hall@dot.ohio.gov